So my room has been as messy and cluttered as pictured since probably august of last year before I left for school. Whenever I was home I didn’t have the time or energy to really dig in and get it clean. Countless times I’d get about 60% of it done before losing motivation and letting it build back up again. I’ve been following unfuckyourhabitat for a couple months now hoping the success stories would inspire me to do what needed to be done. Today I had a full day off for the first time since I came home this summer and woke up knowing I couldn’t live like this anymore. My attempt turned into a full blown annihilation of any mess that displeased me and I couldn’t be more happy. I swept, folded and hung up my clothes, got rid of my clunky headboard, and even put up some new wall art! I wasn’t intending to write such a big paragraph but I am honestly just super proud of myself. Thanks ufyh for encouraging me to do so!

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    When you have a place for everything … and put it away instead of just putting it “down” … you’ve inspired me to clear...
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    I need to do some shit like this
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